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Protective kn95 Face Mask with CE Certification that we can offer now!

Protective kn95 Face Mask with CE Certification that we can offer now! - FOCALLURE

Protective Face Masks offering during COVID

Our FOCALLURE, a new makeup brand that has many fans around the world. We provide affordable and premium makeup products to all our lovely babies. We believed that "Beauty is not luxury" and "Beauty has no borders". Everyone should have the chance to happy himself/herself and to be a beauty one.

However, our family is facing the threat of viruses. We had kept pay attention to international news around the world and we are so anxious about our babies. 

It's a rough time for all the human races at this time. We as a company wanted to do something that can help our family members.  

All the people around the world are lacking the supply of protective masks: especially the KN95 mask, N95 mask, FFP2 mask and the medical mask for medical use. In this situation, we want to offer qualified face masks which can be the great protection for you to stay away from the viruses. To do this, we had found all the protective face mask supply chains from all over the world and we finally get one from China(China is the only country which had nearly solved the epidemic crisis and enough supply of the masks). 

We had uploaded the protective face masks(like disposable masks with both CE certification and FDA approved and the KN95 mask with CE certification) on our website and offered enough stocks for all you guys to purchase. But we had no experience on the masks supply and the shipment of it. So there were some dears told us that they felt unhappy about the orders we arranged.

We are deeply sorry and guilty for not being fully prepared. 

In addition, the cost of materials and the shipping fee for the masks(all the airplane companies had decreased their flight services and the many countries had shut down their shipment.) It's hard for us to donate all these masks to you(we can not cover all the costs since we are not a big company), but we had tried to provide the lowest price and fastest shipping to you.

For a long time negotiating with the masks supply factory, we finally get the cheaper masks (10pcs KN95 mask with CE certification for $27.99, 50pcs disposable face mask with both FDA and CE for $35.99) and we can assure the shipment to the U.S is about 8-12 working days(only for the masks, like KN95 mask. We are looking for the efficiency shipment to other countries now). Besides the kn95 mask with CE certification and disposable face mask with both FDA approved and CE certification, we are also looking for the supply of N95 mask with both CE and FDA approved. All the prices are using for the costs of the mask itself and the stable shipment, we offer the mask with less-profit and non-profit.

If anyone around you who needs the mask(the kn95 mask is roughly equivalent to the N95 mask and FFP2 mask), please tell them that FOCALLURE always wants to help.

Viruses have no borders and our love is too.



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