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I am back with the review of a new brand in Pakistan that is Focallure. I had previously shopped from their Ali express page and their products turned out to be very good. Now they have launched in Pakistan and I am very happy about it because they have really economical prices and good quality
products, plus they are cruelty-free. They were kind enough to send me five of their products in PR which I am going to be reviewing in today's blog. They are mjr4
1.Concealer in color Neutral 01.
2.Loose pigment in Avenue 16.
3.Liquid eyeshadow in Dubai 09.
4.Blush in B09 Coral.
5.Brows Powder in 03. b 4 en
Starting off with the packaging, by now you people will be knowing that I really fall for black color. The packaging is black in color. and the unique thing about their packaging is that they have mentioned on the boxes that what product is to be applied where. Like om the boxes of eyeshadows it is mentioned eyes and on and on brow powder, they have mentioned Brows.
The concealer that I ordered was, unfortunately, a tone lighter than me and it had a pinkish undertone. so that didn't work for me but I have been using it as an eyeshadow primer but it really does not crease. The packaging is really 10/10 for the price they are offering. you will get 6G of product in the bottle. It has a really thick consistency and it is a full coverage concealer. You can really count on it.
The color avenue in loose glitter is a teal color. The glitter though it is loose, it does not become chalky at all. It literally glides on your eyelid. It is highly pigmented. But the most amazing thing is their packaging they have managed to give you all the perks of a good quality brand at such an affordable price. It comes in a tiny bottle that contains 10ml of product.
The color Dubai is a shimmery brown color. I love its bottle that it comes in. It is really unique. But it is a bit tricky to use. you have to apply the liquid shadow and then wait for a while till it dry otherwise it sticks to your upper lid. if you put another color on wet shadow the powdered shadow clumps on the liquid shadow and becomes it difficult to blend.
The blush is in a nice peachy coral color. Its packaging is a kind of travel packaging as you can see. As far as packaging is concerned I personally didn't like such packaging but the price they are offering it is fair enough. Otherwise, there is no issue at all with the blush. it is super pigmented.

I think till now I haven't come across such an economical eyebrow kit. It is so handy so travel-friendly. It comes in a palette form with a mirror and a dual brush. One side of the brush is an angled brush and the other side is a brush to conceal the eyebrows. The kit has three colors a black, dark brown and a concealing color. I personally love this kit and I also recommend it to all the beginners who cannot afford very expensive makeup.
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