FOCALLURE Mascara Review BY @RanksStyle

FOCALLURE Mascara Review BY @RanksStyle - FOCALLURE
Focallure Mascara

 In our one brand special our next Focallure product is Focallure Extra Length and Volume Mascara. For some unknown reason, I found Mascara to be the most difficult product to review. Mascara is that only makeup product that will either fail or pass your test in just a matter of few seconds. But still, for you lovely readers out there, I will try to do full justice with this FOCALLURE Mascara Review.

First Thoughts:

Just like other Focallure products that I have reviewed this one also promises to do its basic job. A mascara is meant to add volume and a bit lengthen your eyelashes and this mascara does exactly that. When I applied it they volume it provided was great for its price but can't say the same for long. I didn't notice any extra length than before in my lashes if there was any it was really minimum. 


 Again this also just like other Focallure products come in very sleek packaging. It comes in a black box which says Mascara on it. And as soon as you open it, there's that Mascara, no gimmicks at all.


In my opinion, the texture of the mascara is on the smooth side, the consistency is liquid enough not to clump on the eyelashes. The mascara also does dry around quickly on the brush and it is also not fluid enough to left streaks as soon as you pull the wand from the tube. This mascara has a nice mediocre consistency and the color is a nice pigmented jet black.

Focallure Mascara Review


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Great Consistency and Pigmentation
  • Doesn't Clump
  • Doesn't smudge once dry


  • You need to apply carefully as it smudges right before drying. (MAKEUP TIP: Put any business card on your under-eye area then apply mascara that way an extra product will fall on that card)
  • Doesn't provide much length.

*The article is reproduced from @RanksStyle't provide much length.

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