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4 Fork Liquid Eyebrow Pencil


This is a 4 fork liquid eyebrow pencil that perfectly meets all your needs Exclusively designed 4 fork tip that delivers the look of natural, hair-like strokes, can precisely outline the brow, create hair-like strokes with ease.
With a formula that is waterproof, No color-fade, Smudge resistant, and No Transfer, no need to worry about outdoor activities and a long time out
Three natural colors, easy to match and draw.

Key feature: Easy To Smudge→ Waterproof, Smudge-proof, and Anti-sweat Formula. You can make a natural hair-like effect with it

How to apply:  
1. Start at the arch of the brow going towards the tail.
2. Continue to apply from the front of the brow towards the arch using short upward strokes, filling in sparse areas.

Be aware: 

#01 dark grey--Suitable for people with black hair
#02 soft brown--Suitable for people with blonde hair
#03 deep brown--Suitable for people with brunette or brown hair 

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